I’m 30-something, female and I’ve never been happy with my weight or body image. I’ve tried over the years to eat healthier, do more exercise, lose some weight. But I always end up feeling like a failure.

The truth is, I’ve been half-hearted in most of these attempts. The one time I seriously tackled and stuck to a regime, I managed to feel confident about my shape for the first time in years. Sadly, I let that go and got complacent.

The turning point has been this year. It’s been pretty negative in many ways and I began to realise how weak I felt physically, emotionally and spiritually. I realised that while I’m working through all the other stuff, I also need to work on my physical fitness and raise my energy levels. It’s time to stop wishing and time to start doing.

The Insanity workout is my attempt to push myself harder and dig deeper than I have ever done. My goal is not to reach a golden weight although I would like to drop some pounds. Most of all, I want to feel stronger, fitter and healthier. I hope I can do it.

I will try to post on this blog for every day that I complete a workout session. That in itself is a hard commitment, perhaps harder than Insanity itself! I don’t know if I can make my body or my blog stretch through to Day 63, but I’ll give it my best shot.

Join me if you’d like to follow my progress, pass on your own workout tips or simply read about what it feels like to try Insanity. Whatever your reason, you’re very welcome to join me on this adventure!


3 thoughts on “Me

  1. I am trying to get my niche audience (martial artists) into this workout because I feel this, combined with P90X, would be the best workout to supplement their training. Glad to have found you!

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