Ready for an Insane Christmas?

With the festive period nearly upon us, it’s time to gear up for a gargantuan gorging-fest over the coming weeks. My ‘eating pants’ are just about ready to come off the hanger. And by ‘eating pants’, I refer to pants that will lovingly accommodate my expanding belly without judgement or condemnation. Come Christmas day, you will not find me queuing for turkey salad and a side of steamed vegetables. It’s roasted, crispy, buttery goodness all the way, baby!

But we all know how many calories come attached with every Christmas season. I know that my Shaun-T-honed hips and thighs will not be thanking me in the New Year. I’m also painfully aware of how hard it is for someone like me to lose/maintain a healthy weight in the absence of regular exercise and clean eating.

So to counteract my annual post-Christmas weight gain, I’m currently in the throes of Gamma T25 to build up my muscle and get myself into fighting-fit shape. That way, I can indulge in delicious family feasts and hopefully not have too much extra turkey weight to lose in the New Year. I’d much rather work hard now so I can relax and enjoy the Christmas break with loved ones, wouldn’t you? Life’s too short to count calories all the time.

If you’ve been working out and taking better care of your body and mind this year, then I hope you feel able to indulge yourself this Christmas. After all, you deserve it!


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