Zombies, Run!

Hello my Insane friends, how are you getting on with the workouts? Still sweating like a pig? Still aching in places you never knew existed?

I’ve been working out every other day, taking a slower pace through the schedule but still benefiting from an increased sense of fitness, strength and well-being. Shaun T is still my fitness guru – despite listening to him for the gazillionth time, there’s something extremely likeable and affable about the guy.

I’ve also been running to supplement my new lifestyle and although it’s around 2 years old, I’ve only recently discovered an amazing running app called Zombies, Run!

If, like me, you find the idea of jogging or running a boring, senseless activity then this is the app for you! Why run through a beautiful gladed meadow when you can sprint from the grasping hands of a zombie horde? Yes, that’s right. I said zombie horde.

Zombies, Run! immerses you into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead. Your job, as a ‘runner’ for the sparse town of Abel, is to collect supplies without getting eaten. Which is a pretty reasonable thing to ask. Along the way, you meet various characters and learn more about this grim new world. With tonnes of missions to play, the story unfolds with every new run, and by cleverly interspersing your music playlist with ‘radio transmissions’ and the occasional blood-chilling cry of ‘There’s a zombie 20 metres behind you!’, this app motivates me to run longer and faster than I would sans zombies. Now if only Shaun T could incorporate some zombies into his workouts…

But of course, the main question is – does this app work with Insanity? Can I evade zombies while doing frog jumps? So I’m going to play a mission during one of the Month 2 workouts and report back.

Is anyone else using this app? How are you finding it?


**Update 17th June 2014**

So I’ve tried using the Zombies, Run! app during a high intensity Insanity workout. It kinda works, but it’s limited. You can continue to follow the story and collect supplies, as per usual, but you can’t trigger zombie chases as far as I can tell. Not only that, but it’s pretty hairy jumping up and down with your phone bouncing around in your pocket. I almost concussed myself doing diamond jumps.

Looks like I’ll be sticking to the silky smooth tones of Shaun T while I do my Insanity workouts. I’ll save the undead for my runs.


2 thoughts on “Zombies, Run!

  1. I loved the idea behind Zombies, Run! I still have it on my phone, but I don’t use it as much anymore. It’s a great app, I just haven’t had long enough runs to complete missions lately. 🙂

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