Keep your Eye on the Prize

How are you getting on? I’m still hating Month 2 exercises but sadly, they are the ones that seem to produce all the magic. Having had some time off Insanity, I’m trying to incorporate a few workouts into my week to get myself back to speed.

The great thing is that even if I’ve been biking or walking instead of doing the workouts, my fitness is still pretty good having gone through Insanity for one full cycle. Getting back into the programme hasn’t been strenuous on my body, which shows that Insanity really does improve your core strength and overall fitness level, even if you stop. I’m not aching the way I used to in the first round and I’m maintaining my weight without too much effort.

If you’re struggling to get through the programme, just remember that in two months’ time, if you eat well and follow the plan, you will  feel stronger and more confident in your body. Yes, it’s tough but it’s totally worth it. The sense of achievement you will feel after 63 days is unbeatable. For me, the biggest bonus was developing increased stamina and upper body strength. I’ve been opening jars like nobody’s business!

Just push through and keep your eye on the prize! Let me know how you’re getting on.

**Update: And if you think Insanity’s just too much for you, check out this link for couch potatoes!


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