Still Gorging, Still Losing

Well this morning brought me astonishing news: I’ve dropped a total of 3lbs only a week into Round 2.

As previously mentioned, I gained an extra two pounds during Christmas festivities and managed to quickly shed them within a few days of re-starting Insanity. However, considering that I’ve not yet returned to my pre-Christmas grazing habits (i.e. I’m eating leftover cakes and chocolates like there’s no tomorrow), I’m astounded to have continued losing weight.

Although I’ve had a higher daily calorie intake than previous months, I’m careful to keep up my workouts and I’m trying to limit the amount of chocolate I’m eating. Sometimes, I compensate for my chocolate-fest by decreasing the size of my meal portion. Soon, I will start decreasing the junk and increasing my meal portions so that I can up the nutrition.

It also seems that the extra muscle I’ve built during Round 1 of Insanity has helped my body burn calories more efficiently, in spite of my continuing gluttonous ways. I’m so relieved that I haven’t unravelled all my previous hard work and can continue to build on it. My increased strength is still apparent in small ways – whether it’s the ease with which I can carry heavier loads or simple things like being able to open jam jars without extra assistance!

However, I still haven’t regained that magical feeling of superhuman strength that I had in Round 1, but I’m confident it will come with time. I think it’s a psychological barrier. Once I gain better control of my nutrition, I’ll start to feel much more balanced and in tune with my body’s needs.

So if you haven’t yet attained the shape you wanted after a round of Insanity, please don’t give up. Have a week or two of rest and start another round!

It’s easier to climb a mountain from the solid foundation you’ve already built, than slide back down and start from the bottom again. Keep climbing.


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