Day 63: Fit Test 5/5

This is it, the Final Day.

I took out my previous Fit Test results and set them on the floor in front of me. I wanted to smash my results and finish on an all-time high. It was important to me, because I wanted to have something amazing to show for the past 2 months of this incredible, relentless challenge.

Here then, are my final results, compared with previous Fit Tests:

What amazed me was how motivating it was to know my previous results. It really pushed me mentally to do one more, three more, five more – whatever it took to do better than last time. I had a wobbly moment during the Globe Jumps and Suicide Jumps, when I was literally fighting for breath as I clawed my way through every single nanosecond. I was literally kissing the rug with gratitude that the remaining exercises were on the floor.

My measurement losses may not seem massive but that’s presumably because I wasn’t heavily overweight to begin with. However, to me the losses are huge because I can see and feel the difference those inches make. I’m happy to have lost nearly 7 pounds and I hope to lose a few more after another round.

And here are the photos:

You can see how my torso has become more contoured in 63 days, and my stomach has become a lot flatter. I still have more sculpting to do but after weeks of seemingly stagnant results, it’s great to see that Insanity has made a noticeable difference. The magic really does seem to happen in these final weeks – at least for me. Endurance pays.

So what now? I plan to go back to Insanity in the New Year, but perhaps change up the workouts for a bit more variety. I’m not too sure yet. But I hope that this blog has provided someone out there with the motivation they need to start the most insane workout programme of their life.

I’m going to write one more blog post to round everything off. If you’re interested, check in later for my ultimate rundown of Insanity tips, painstakingly gleaned from this muscle-clenching, rollercoaster ride.

In the meantime, thank you once again for joining and supporting me for this transformative experience. Hopefully, I can enter the New Year feeling even fitter, healthier and optimistic about the next chapter in my life.

Have a wonderful Christmas and may the Insanity odds be ever in your favour!


4 thoughts on “Day 63: Fit Test 5/5

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Awesome job – those fit test reults are great! I’ll be doing another round in the new year too – I hope you continue to blog about your Insanity / other workouts as I have really enjoyed reading about your progress.

  2. I loved reading your blog! I am on day 40 and you have pretty much summed up how I felt every day! Can’t wait to see if you did round two!

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