Day 61: Getting There

Max Interval Plyo. Goodbye, Squat Push-Ups. Farewell, Pogo Hops. So long, Side Push-Ups that make me feel like a gloriously sweaty mermaid.

Sometimes, I find myself wondering what Month 1 Plyo looks like. It feels like a lifetime ago since I grumbled my way through that workout. I remember dreading it, my poor bewildered legs wondering what they had done to warrant such medieval punishment. But now, as I groan my way through Month 2, I suspect I might welcome Plyo version 1.0 with open arms and a big, wet kiss.

So, only one more workout left. In two days’ time, I’ll be on the doorstep of my final Fit Test for Insanity. I’m both excited and nervous. As usual, I don’t feel confident about my progress but I’m trying not to worry about it too much. I can only do what I can do on the day that I do it. Oh no, I’m beginning to sound as nonsensical as Shaun T.

My overriding concern at the moment is this: how on earth am I going to maintain my current shape and weight during the Christmas season? I’ll be ensconced with family, surrounded by mountains of delicious food.

My only hope is to keep up some form of physical activity every day by going for long walks and sneaking in short cardio sessions when no one’s looking. Somehow though, I have a feeling this might be wishful thinking.


What do you think?

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