Day 59: The Hardest Slog

Today was my last Max Interval Circuit. That is, until I do this madness all again next year.

It was tough today. Another challenging workout for my mind. Even though I knew it was the last time I’d be doing these intervals, I couldn’t muster up the energy I needed to really smash the workout. I was counting down those onscreen minutes. The best bit was the final stretch, just knowing that I could finally stop moving. I really like inactivity. It’s one of my best qualities.

Now that I’m in my final week of Insanity, I can look back and see how these long workouts have taken their toll on me. While I struggled physically with Month 1, I struggle on both a physical and emotional level with Month 2.

The first month was about my sedentary body getting to grips with an unfamiliar world of pain and exhaustion, but it was bearable and I could feel my progress as the weeks wore on. By the start of the second month, I felt confident and strong. That is, until I began the first exercise. I don’t think my confidence has recovered from that moment. While I enjoy some of the Month 2 exercises, I have not gotten used to the length of the workouts. Again, it’s bearable but somehow the sense of progression isn’t quite the same as what I experienced in the first phase. I don’t feel like I’m conquering anything in these long workouts. In fact, it’s the opposite – my energy and strength dwindle by the week.

While this all sounds like a downer, I do think the majority of my feelings are linked to my poor sleep pattern and other factors outside of Insanity. The best things about this month are that I am working my body harder, I’m proving to myself that I can follow through, I’m practising self-discipline on a daily basis, and the results of my Fit Test continue to show clear improvement and progress.

I’ve also managed to get rid of that errant pound by grazing my food and pounding my body these last two days. So I’ve got to keep saying no to midnight cheese and just finish off these last few workouts. Hoping for some last minute miracles.


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