Day 58: Driving on Octane

Yes, I’m still grazing on small snacks and meals throughout the day: crackers and houmous, toast with peanut butter, protein shake, grilled chicken and vegetables, carrot sticks and low-fat dip. It’s actually satisfying to eat frequently, even if the amounts are small. The difficulty is stopping once you start!

Max Cardio and Cardio Abs was on the main menu today. I really tried to focus on what I had to do. It’s still hard to keep my enthusiasm up, especially with this recent weight gain. My own fault really, but demotivating all the same. As I did my stretches and lunges, I allowed myself to really let the flab flap around my legs. It snapped me out of my complacency and reminded me of why I’m doing this.

My motor was still running well today. I can tell when I’m in the zone because the time whips by and I find myself surprised at how quickly the session has gone.

Again, feeling love for Max Cardio because there’s no repetition, just one drill after another – bang, bang, bang!

Another X on the calendar. Five more to go.


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