Day 57: Graze like a Gazelle

As I enter Week 9, I feel resolute. Only one more week of this and I can say I’ve done it.

I still don’t understand how my mind works but I inexplicably motored through Max Interval Plyo today like nobody’s business. I hated some of it, was indifferent to other sections, but most of all relieved to get through it without too much internal whinging.

The Cat went back to his old habits. He emerged during the stretching routine as I bent over into a V-shape to stretch my hamstrings. He decided to lick the sweat off my forehead, which was rather sweet and disgusting all at the same time. I’ll never understand cats.

The bad news is I’ve been mini-snacking on cheese and crackers the last two evenings which has helped me gain a pound (naturally, it takes me 5 weeks to lose a pound and only 2 days to put one on) so I’m off cheese and chocolate until I get my eating habits back under control. I’m trying to follow Shaun T’s guidance of grazing regularly throughout the day.

I like the idea of eating small and often, but finding the time to do so is difficult. It’s hard to remember to stop and eat something nutritious, because that usually requires some forethought and planning. It’s all too easy to reach for an expensive snack bar or processed food.

So I’ve stocked up on high fibre crackers, houmous, veggies and popcorn kernals for snack time. Doesn’t quite taste the same as chocolate but it’ll hopefully help me get back on track. I mean, you never see chubby gazelles, do you?

A gazelle attempts Max Interval Plyo.

A gazelle attempts Max Interval Plyo.


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