Day 55: Anticipation

you think you're not

Nothing is more exciting than the anticipation of good things to come. In just over a week’s time, I will have completed 63 days of Insanity. I will be fitter, stronger and more flexible than I was two months ago. I can look forward to ending the year in better shape than I have been for a long time.

I had to delay my workout this morning as I had a few errands to do in the run-up to Christmas. As I waltzed from one store to another, the wonderful smell of baked pies and sizzling burgers filled the air. It was torturous but I just had to keep reminding myself of my goal and I enjoyed browsing clothes, imagining how nice it’ll be to reward myself with a new wardrobe if I continue to make progress.

But I was relieved to finally get back home and do my workout, just so I had something to take my mind off the delicious treats I’d seen today. Insanity is definitely best done outside of the holiday season.

I was especially pleased to note that it was the turn of Core Cardio & Balance. At ‘only’ 40 minutes long, it felt like a treat to exercise today. Subtracting those extra 20 minutes makes such a big difference to my motivation and stamina. The shoulders and hip flexors still burn in this exercise. I don’t know how those machines do it without a limb dropping off. Anyway, I truly enjoyed the sweat and effort today. I felt like I smashed it – no excuses, no pity party, just plain old hard work.

What are you working hard on these days? Are you anticipating great things?


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