Day 53: Body, Mind, Soul

It’s wonderful when body, mind and soul come together harmoniously but it’s such a rare occurrence. I had a lot of conflict and drama with someone today which was resolved amicably but it totally sapped my energy. Jumping Jacks were the farthest thing from my mind.

Have you ever had one of those heavy, emotional days? It’s incredible how much feelings and emotion can impact your physicality. My legs felt like lead, my neck was stiff and every part of me wanted to lie down and sleep. Thankfully, today was a day of recovery. I gave my body a break from hardcore activity and it felt so good not to jump around or go super fast.

It’s so easy to get discouraged by the things life throws at you, to give up and lay down until everything grows dark outside. I definitely think there are times to stop and recover, to curl up and have a good cry. But today was not that day. Instead, I got on with light physical activity and was content to not push myself further than I needed to. It felt better to do something active than to withdraw and brood. I’ll save my brooding for another day.

The thing is, I’m not good at finishing things. I have numerous projects that started well but lie unfinished around the house. But I’m determined to finish Insanity. I don’t want it to be another piece of wishful thinking.

Consistency is what will get me through the Insanity programme. It’s what will propel me to the finish line. And I truly believe that consistency is one of the secrets to a successful life.

The greatest challenge of Insanity is not the workout itself, but the willingness to do it every day – rain or shine, happy or sad, tired or not. In a world of instant gratification, values like patience, dedication and perseverance can seem outdated. Yet this is exactly what Insanity demands of you.

There is no short cut or easy way. Just good old-fashioned hard work and commitment. Every day you get up and do your workout is another day closer to your goal.

Are you a finisher or do you leave a trail of unfinished projects in your wake?


What do you think?

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