Day 51: Ch-Ch-Changes

Wow, I woke up to some good news. After five weeks of static weight, I’m now 1lb less. Which brings my total so far to just over 5 lbs over 7 weeks. Let’s hope there are some more pounds to go in these final weeks. Also, a friend commented (finally, someone’s noticed!) on how I seem to have lost weight, though I still can’t see it myself. Another hopeful sign.

Today sees the return of Pogo Hops and Squat Push-Ups and all that kind of nonsense. I had about four hours’ sleep last night so nothing made sense to me. What didn’t help was when Shaun T decided to babble during the stretching portion of this video. This is what he said, word for word:

You have to do what you can do. Don’t try to do what we’re doing on here, as much as we do do, which you can do, and you’ll get good, okay?

Um… what?

Thankfully, he got a bit tougher as the workout wore on, reprimanding the slowcoaches for dawdling as he prepared for the next circuit:

Get there! You gotta get there! You gotta get back there before I say ‘Get there’!

Shamefully, I was one of the people still ‘getting there’ when he said this. I took too long drinking my water so I sheepishly hurried back for the next segment. I can see why Shaun T is good at motivating – he reels you in with killer-watt smiles and warm empathy, before smacking you in the face with raw guilt for letting him down.

Despite my usual lack of sleep, I felt more energised today. I’m still not loving Month 2 workouts, probably because I’m not yet confident in all the moves. But somehow, as always, my mind was able to conquer my feeble flesh.

Even though I’m still blogging and exercising 50 days later, it hasn’t become a natural habit. I’m a lazy-boned individual at heart and it’s a supreme effort and battle of wills to set aside time every day. I can imagine how thousands of people who wake up to Insanity feel the same way.

That’s why this weight loss has come at an opportune moment. I need something to shove me forward these last few steps. Christmas draws ever closer and the sweet, sticky aroma of hot chocolate calls me every day I go out into the cold wintry landscape. How much longer can I resist stuffing my face with all this tinsel-coloured calorific goodness?

At least my work is done for another day and I can enjoy my protein shake without regret.

How are you getting on? Are you still with me? 🙂


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