Day 50: The Final Two Weeks

never give up

As I enter Week 8 of the programme, I find that I’m running on fumes. I was hoping I’d start my final fortnight with a bang but, same as yesterday, I felt achy and stiff.

The great thing is I had a proper warm-up which helped me loosen up a little but it was a mental climb to get through the full hour. For the first time ever (I think), I actually considered pressing the STOP button a few times throughout the session. I kept thinking to myself, ‘What if I just do one round of this?’ and ‘What if I just do two circuits instead of three?’ and ‘What if I stab this pen in my eye? Would I enjoy that more than High-Low Jab Squats?’

Somehow, I managed to carry on. I think the one thought that brought my focus was back was the knowledge that I would regret giving up. The thing about regret is that as soon as you feel it, you relegate something to the past and the opportunity is gone. And if I do press STOP today, what’s to stop me from pressing STOP tomorrow, and the day after that?

Instead, I tried to push away the negative thoughts by thinking about why I feel this way. Is it because I’m not eating enough at the right times to fuel my body? Is it because my body is simply exhausted after 7 weeks of physical pounding? Or is it because of typical life stuff clouding my head and my heart?

Whatever the reason, it’s more important than ever that I get my act together and plough on with these last two weeks. The greatest temptation to give up may still lie ahead. I need to grit my teeth and get through the programme, visualising the great results that await me at the end of this bumpy road.


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