Day 50: Fit Test 4/5

I overslept this morning so my body must have needed the extra rest. The problem with oversleeping is that you wake up achy and sore, as if you’ve been pummelled in the night by wolves (I think I’ve been reading too much Twilight).

I had the option of taking today as a rest day, as designated by Shaun T, but I can’t bear the thought of doing it back to back with a Max Interval workout. I took an hour to get myself awake and mobile and then pressed PLAY.

Now, in case you don’t remember, Fit Test is still a pretty gruelling workout. Examine Exhibit A – Chris E’s workout shirt, post-Fit Test:

Where does the sweat end and Chris E begin?

Where does the sweat end and Chris E begin?

You don’t need to work for CSI Miami to see the evidence.

I was relying on the warm-up to get me limber and ready but to my horror, the warm-up lasts less than two minutes. TWO minutes! There was a time when two minutes was my very definition of a warm-up, but this was before Insanity took over my life. So two minutes later, without any visible trace of sweat and still aching all over, the Fit Test began.

Straight away, I was suffering with the first set of exercises – Switch Kicks. Propelling two pieces of lumber into the air using only my core and hip flexors is a pretty tall order. I vaguely remembered getting seventy last time so I pushed to squeeze one more in. The rest of the Fit Test was an ugly blur of sweat and tears.

So here are my results for Round 4:

Fit Test Round 4

Gutted that I’ve gone down in Power Jacks but it taught me that when you’re aching, you need to spend more time warming up. I felt very sluggish when I began the test and it definitely took me a few extra minutes to get limber. But I’m relieved to see that there’s a general upward trend for everything else. My improvement in Power Knees surprised me as I do really despise them (I despise most major quad exercises as any reasonable person should).

I really felt the strain today and I think for my final Fit Test in two weeks’ time, I’ll keep my previous scores in front of me so I can make one last push for glory.

On the measurements front, I’ve still not seen much shift in weight. The great news is I’ve finally lost an inch from my waist! This may not sound like much but by losing an inch, I’m now in the ‘healthy’ range of waist-to-height ratio.

According to the NHS, you have a higher risk of health problems if your waist size is:

  • more than 94cm (37 inches), if you’re a man
  • more than 80cm (31.5 inches), if you’re a woman

Your risk of health problems is even higher if your waist size is:

  • more than 102cm (40 inches), if you’re a man
  • more than 88cm (34.5 inches), if you’re a woman

Too much fat around your middle can increase risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer. So don’t forget to pay attention to your measurements.

As I enter the final two weeks of Insanity, I’ll be keeping a careful eye on the quality and amount of food I eat so that I can maximise my results and continue on this road to increased health. I’m watching my evening carbs to ensure I don’t stock up on unnecessary fuel but I have to admit, I’m developing a weakness for homemade popcorn. It’s light in calories and satisfies the midnight munchies. I save it for those times when only something crunchy will do!

Anyone else with a weakness for popcorn?


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