Day 48: Core Cardio & Balance

I don’t know what it’s like at your end of the world, but it’s getting pretty cold here. I’m actually grateful for these workouts because it saves on heating bills.

I was so happy to find out that I get to revisit Core Cardio & Balance today. I remember enjoying it during my recovery week. It’s another slower workout, but somehow I feel I get more out of it than from Max Recovery.

Well again, I was caught off-guard. There was more cardio in it than I could remember and I was sweat-drenched by the end of it. Another reminder of how much I sometimes underestimate the intensity of Insanity workouts.

It was fantastic to revisit yet another oldie and get a full body workout from it. I loved the simplicity of the exercises, the energy from the gang, the quick transitions between drills. It was short, sweet and to the point – all my favourite workout ingredients.

And now that I’ve finished it, I realise that I am dangerously close to my fourth, and penultimate, Fit Test. Wow. It blows my mind that I only have two weeks left before I complete this programme. I actually feel a little wistful about it.  But I’ll let myself muse on that later.

As for the Fit Test, I feel as nervous about it as I did with my 3rd one. It really does feel like an exam, a marker of Pass or Fail. At times, it’s hard to get out of this unhelpful mindset rather than focus on more important things like progression.

Again, I intend to do the Fit Test on my Rest Day rather than subject myself to a 1.5 hour workout! Kudos to those of you who follow the schedule exactly as it’s written. You are braver souls than I. Wish me well!


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