Day 47: Visiting an Old Friend

Max Recovery. I wasn’t looking forward to this one at all. I remember how frustrated I felt with the slow, repetitive exercises. Plus I slept late last night.

So how does Max Recovery feel the second time around? Still dull. The first 10 minutes of ‘contract and relax’ nearly finished me off. My eyelids ended up doing most of the contracting and relaxing while the rest of my body went to sleep. I’m sorry, but I could only take 15 minutes of it and then I switched it off.

Frustrated and filled with pent-up energy, I decided to revisit Pure Cardio. I was curious to see how a Month 1 workout would feel, two weeks into Month 2. I pressed PLAY, anticipating a short and relatively pedestrian workout, cockily expecting it to be a breeze. I think you can guess how this story ends.

The first surprise was how much I had missed seeing Shanita’s exhausted face. No, really, it was like seeing an old friend, however bizarre that might sound.

Shanita rules.

Shanita rules.

The second surprise how sweaty and out of breath I got during the warm-up. The final surprise was how hard I unknowingly pushed myself during the workout, to the point where I was almost skidding in my own sweat.

Performing Pure Cardio was a tremendous feeling. I was dripping in sweat, utterly fatigued yet knew I had worked hard. And although I feel guilty for not completing Max Recovery in its entirety, I’m glad I did something I enjoyed rather than just skip it.

I must admit, revisiting a Month 1 workout was like slipping into a pair of comfortable old slippers. I felt warm and fuzzy inside watching Chris  E. compromise his form and Mario sneak off to the side for an unscheduled water break. It reminds me how much I grew to enjoy those workouts as the weeks progressed, and it inspires me to consider doing the whole thing again in the New Year.

Wow, I really have been bitten by the Insanity bug.


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