Day 46: Irritations, Achings and Thank Yous

I was due to do Max Recovery today but decided to swap Day 46 & Day 47. I’d rather go flat out today as I need to conserve my energy for tomorrow.

So today marked my 3rd bout with Max Cardio Conditioning. During the video, you get to see random treats like this:

Stop it. Stop it now.

Stop it. Stop it now.

This guy is always performing cheeky asides to the camera.

Day 46 is also one of those days where you double up on workouts, namely MCC and Cardio Abs. The Month 2 journey definitely gets tougher all the time. Thank goodness Shaun T is such an affable fellow. If it wasn’t for his nice smile and surprising empathy, I’d have long given up and sent him a LOT of hate mail.

On the positive side, eating less carbs at night seems to make me feel better in the evenings. While I crave my bread and potatoes and all that other good stuff, I don’t go to bed feeling bloated or regretful. And I must admit, I’m noticing that I have a flatter stomach in the mornings. Here’s hoping it helps my body burn more efficiently.

Summary of today: My back is killing me. My obliques twinge with every cough. My legs weight twice as much as the rest of my body. The guy with cornrows irritates me.

And on a final note, I really appreciate you for following my blog. As a BIG thank you for reading, liking and supporting my journey, I’ve compiled a simple My Insanity Journal that you can download and print off to track your own progress.

Be creative, stay motivated and I hope you get a lot of fun out of it!


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