Day 45: Looking for the Positives

I woke up with that feeling of dread in my stomach… plyometrics.

I despise Power Jumps. Those people must have coiled springs for legs. I have no idea how they can possibly do eight power jumps in a row without stopping. And Diamond Jumps? I can manage three, at best, before I lose the will to live. And I resent the way Shaun T sneaks in an extra exercise when the circuit is supposed to be over. That’s not a bonus. C’mon man, give me a break. Let me drink water and die slowly in the corner of my living room.

The only way for me to get through these insane Month 2 workouts is to try and focus on the positives of each one, whether it’s making the most of a favourite exercise or getting inspired by one the Terminators in Shaun’s team.

I’ve realised that this workout contains some really fun exercises. I love the Pogo Hops (because I can do them), I still laugh at the Squat Push-Ups, and I actually enjoy the challenge of Power Push Ups even though I can only do so many before my legs collapse from under me. There’s one amazing clip near the end of the third round where a guy called Chris performs Power Push-Ups at jaw-dropping speed. His form and power is incredible. I actually stop at that point just to admire him.



But for me, the best thing about Max Interval Plyo is that you only have to repeat the third circuit once. Now that’s what I consider a bonus!

What do you enjoy most about Max Interval Plyo?


What do you think?

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