Day 44: Still Hard, Still Tired, Still Going

I was hungry today so I took my protein shake 1 hour before the Max Interval Circuit, rather than straight after (my usual custom). This turned out to be a bad idea. When I squatted down to perform ski abs, I could hear the liquid sloshing in my belly with every jump. I felt like a human washing machine. I think I’ll stick to peanut butter on toast as my pre-workout snack.

I performed well, despite the liquid belly. This being my third attempt, I’ve finally managed to perform Side Suicide Jumps a.k.a. Mermaid Jumps. But these Month 2 workouts are definitely not getting any easier. I need to keep reminding myself that I’ve only had a week to adjust. It all feels uphill at the moment, physically and mentally, and the only thing that keeps me going is the sense of achievement that always comes after the final cool down.

Pictures like this also help. What can I say? Misery loves company.

It's nicer down here.

It’s nicer down here.

On the nutrition front

I’m pleased with my increased fitness but frustrated at the lack of measurement and weight loss, so I’ve decided to made a concerted effort to cut down on my carb intake in the evenings.

Now listen, I love my carbs. I don’t feel complete without carbs on my plate. So this was a difficult decision, and I certainly don’t believe that carbs are bad guys. Just like protein and fat, carbs have a place and proportion in a healthy diet.

Carbohydrates provide essential fuel for the body, which is particularly important for workouts. So it makes less sense for me to eat the majority of my carbs at dinnertime as I don’t do as much physical activity at night. I imagine it would be the opposite way around for people who prefer to workout in the evenings, which is presumably the optimum time to fuel up on carbs.

So as an experiment for these final two weeks, I’ve decided to increase my carb intake with morning and afternoon meals – which is when I’ll need the most energy – and cut down on carbs in the evening. Let’s see if it makes any difference.


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