Day 43: Form over Speed

I’ve developed a complicated relationship with Max Cardio Conditioning. It makes me dig deeper, try harder but weep longer. I’m so confused.

Both legs revived sufficiently this morning, only to be pounded back into submission by my nemesis, Evil Cardio. My legs will never forgive me now. In fact, all of my limbs have fallen out with me. Just 20 days to go, body! Keep it together.

Although it’s arguably the most demanding workout in terms of endurance and stamina, the one thing I really like about MCC is that I only have to do each main exercise for one minute and then we’re onto the next. Under this structure, I know I only have one opportunity to do each exercise well, and this motivates me to give it my all every time we start the next drill.

Mentally, it’s easier for me to push harder when I know I don’t have to repeat an exercise. With other circuits, I sometimes fall into a habit of ‘saving myself’ during initial rounds to conserve my biggest effort for the final round. Starting slow and gradually speeding up in later rounds makes sense if I want to have enough energy to avoid extra breaks, but I feel that holding back is not what Insanity is about.

Insanity is about pushing through the fatigue and tears. It’s about performing that one extra rep, jumping that one inch higher, squatting that one inch lower, lasting that one second longer when you feel like you haven’t got any more to give. It may mean taking an unscheduled break straight after or not completing every single drill in its entirety, but Shaun T always reminds us that it’s never about the quantity. It’s always about quality.

This means it’s ALWAYS more beneficial to do 10 difficult reps in perfect form than 20 easy reps in lazy form. A difficult concept to adhere to when you see fifteen finely-hewn specimens cranking out 100 reps a minute in perfect, controlled form.

How do you pace yourself and stay in control during Insanity workouts?


What do you think?

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