Day 42: How to Create a Shaun T Workout

In one of the workout videos, you will hear Shaun T yell:

It’s not a game, people.

But I beg to differ.

Amuse yourself on Insanity rest days by creating your own Shaun T exercise drills as follows:

  • Standard Method:

1. Open a box of Twister

2. Operate the spinner

3. Assemble your body into position

4. Incorporate an exercise component by either:

a) scuttling sideways in this position (cardio)
b) leaping upwards from this position (plyometrics)
c) holding this position for as long as possible (endurance/recovery)

5. Create a two month programme with a suitable synonym for ‘Insanity’.

6. Employ a catchy tagline e.g. ‘Push Harder’ or ‘Spew Quicker’.

7. Wait for the money/lawsuits to come rolling in.


  • Quick Method:

1. Combine two words from Column 1 with one word from Column 2

Select two words from Column 1, and one word from Column 2

2. Create your own exercise move to fit the name.


Suicide Frog Squat
Squat down like a frog, leap into a high mid-air squat, land softly back into a low squat and somersault backwards with abs contracted into a one-armed plank.

3. Wait for the money/lawsuits to come rolling in.

Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Day 42: How to Create a Shaun T Workout

  1. I have been reading your posts off and on, and you make this insanity journey very entertaining! I am also doing insanity as we speak but am still in month one. Have you started to notice weight or measurement results in month two? Just curious…I am hoping to see more results as I get into month two.

    • Hi datingamedicalstudent,

      Thanks! I blog complete nonsense sometimes just to distract myself from the pain!

      While I had some initial weight and measurement loss in the first 2 weeks, it’s definitely stalled since then. I think the loss may have been water weight. I’m still waiting for something spectacular and it does get frustrating at times, especially when the workout for that day is particularly hard. However, I’m not following the Elite nutrition plan though I am keeping an eye on my diet. This could be a factor. Personally speaking though, I do tend to be slower in seeing results when I’ve undertaken other regimes so it may just be my body doing its usual tortoise-speed thing. Don’t be discouraged by my experience – yours may be entirely different!

      What I have noticed is that I’m definitely faster, stronger and fitter than 7 weeks ago when I first started. While I’d love to see more weight/measurement results, for now I will have to be content with knowing my fitness (and health) has improved drastically. I’ll stick it out to the bitter end and see what happens.

      Well done on getting into Month 1 🙂 How are you getting on with it?

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