Day 40: Think Deeper

Today was the return of Max Interval Circuit and I literally felt like I was dying after the first circuit was done. Frustratingly, I still can’t do side suicide jumps without risk of dislocating my entire body, so I attempted three or four slow ones per round, then substituted in globe jumps for the remaining time.

I’m pushing my body harder this time round. I’m aiming for that trembly muscle fatigue you get when you’ve really gone all out in a session. Lungs burning, legs melting, feet no longer attached to body. But this is proof that I am digging deeper.

It occurred to me partway through this 60 minute festival of horror that this level of determination and effort is what Insanity is all about. It’s more than just a workout programme. It’s an experience of far-reaching proportions.

Insanity re-sculpts not just your body, but your self-image and mental attitude. It takes what you think you know about yourself and totally explodes that myth into a million fragments.

What you think you’re not changes over time… you start to realise, this is something you could be. And when you see just how much your feeble, out-of-shape body can do in such a short space of time, you find yourself inspired to think about all the other things you could achieve in your life if you just dug a little deeper in those corners too.

And all those profound thoughts came while I was positioned plank-like on the floor and punching the air with one arm with the foaming frenzy of a rabid dog.

Where does your mind drift to when you’re exercising?


What do you think?

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