Month 1 Quotes

Shaun T is the master of soundbites.

Disclaimer: if you haven’t started Insanity yet, some of these might sound a little bewildering:

It’s not tap-dancing, people.

– In case you thought you’d signed up for ballroom

I’m not tryin’ to hurt you. Just tryin’ to make you better.

– Sorry, but I just don’t believe you

I’m smilin’ cuz I LOVE it!

– Shaun T admitting he’s a sadist

It’s not cardio, it’s control

– Reminding us to slow down during ‘Recovery’ days

Insanity isn’t sexist

– A sly dig at poor old Chris after Tania whoops him in the Fit Test

You never wore a sports bra before Insanity, did you?

– An oddly intimate question, asked at a wildly inappropriate time

You never want to overstretch the groin area, people.

– A warning given during a stretching exercise but good advice to your grandkids at any time of life

Shaun T is getting tired right now… Shaun T is starting to sweat.

– You know it’s bad when Shaun starts speaking in the third person

Don’t have your legs too wide. Don’t have your legs too wide. … Josh!

– Poor Josh. It’s bad enough being told off, but to be chastised in front of millions over and over again in Month 1 is humiliating.

This next move… is called…uh… Switch Feet… uh… Scissor Runs. I’m so tired I don’t even know the names of my moves.

– Proof that Shaun T is non-mechanoid, despite rumours to the contrary

Sometimes as a fitness professional, I ask myself why I do the things I do…. It’s cuz I wanna look goooood!”

– Says it all, really.


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