Day 36: Fit Test 3/5

I still need to hit the Insanity end date a little sooner than planned so with much trepidation, I decided to do the Fit Test a few days earlier than scheduled. I’ve also deliberately planned it so that I can begin the first Month 2 workout on a separate day, rather than back to back with the Fit Test. I hear the ‘Max’ workouts are super-gruelling and I want to make sure I have the energy to at least give the first one a good attempt.

However, the prospect of a Fit Test raised that age-old battle between head and heart. In my head, I know I’m improving all the time. In my heart, I still feel flabby, lazy and mediocre. I know I’ve been working hard over the past three weeks, but the lack of inch and weight loss erodes my self-confidence. I even took photos today but honestly, I cannot see any discernible difference between how I looked on Day 1 and how I look now. I may be fitter and stronger, but I can’t see it. And when I can’t see things, I begin to doubt. So thank you Shaun T for the Fit Test. It’s a visible, measurable and specific way to chart my improvement.

Like last time, I didn’t look at my previous results so as not to psyche myself out. I regretted my decision halfway through the test when I began to struggle with Power Jumps. I found myself wondering how many I’d done last time but in a way, this helped push me harder because I was competing with the unknown.

It was thrilling to write up the results afterwards and unveil one improvement after another before my astonished eyes. As I charted my progress, I was cackling like The Count from Sesame Street – “That’s eight! EIGHT more Switch Kicks! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

He is Legend.

He is Legend.

I’m surprised by the scale of my improvement in some of these drills, particularly the jumping exercises. I guess those endless Plyometric circuits really did strengthen the speed and power in my legs. By Christmas, I’ll be able to crack walnuts with my thighs.

Best of all, today’s Fit Test results have helped challenge my doubts. While I’d love to see more physical changes for reassurance, I know I’m on the right track with these numbers.

Fit Test Round 3

Progress so far

Progress so far

Of course, I’m terrified that my confidence, and my body, will take a severe beating tomorrow. After all, this is where a whole new world of pain begins, right?

But today’s Fit Test reminds me that I’ve set a strong foundation for whatever lies ahead. It renews my hope and pushes me forward onto the choppy, unchartered waters of Month 2.

Sail on, silver bird.


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