Day 31 – 35: Rinse, Wash, Repeat

The next several days will be all about Core Cardio & Balance and rest. I won’t bore you with repetitive posts about how sore I am, how much sweat is oozing out of my pores and how much that guy’s hairband irritates me. I think we’ve already covered most of that already.

So as I come to this natural break in intensity I have to admit that the thought of another 30 days of blogging every day is mentally exhausting – how do you hardcore bloggers out there do it? Do you subsist on a diet of caffeine and cigarettes? I salute your resolve but I’m made of weaker stuff. I think I’ll take a blogging break. Maybe work up to an early Fit Test in the next couple of days.

As a parting gift, I thought I’d leave you with some words from Shaun T himself. Fitting really, as he’s the reason why this blog exists (and why I’m in so much pain).

I came across a Beachbody interview with Shaun T, posted February 2013, in which he answers FAQs and shares his view on nutrition, fitness and getting the best out of his workouts. Check out the full Q&A session here.

Below, I’ve highlighted some tips from the interview which I hope you will find as useful as I have. I’ve paraphrased a lot of what he says because he speaks fast and I type sloooooow. Here are a few of his pointers:

Never Press Pause

You should never press ‘pause’… ever… because if you press ‘pause’ you are cheating yourself… Let the workout play through and jump back in when you’re ready, so you can know you’re getting better.

Form First, Speed Later

Focus on form and go slow and be in control, rather than fast and out of control… the better your form is, the harder the move is… and then when you add speed to that, it’s gonna be harder still.

Exercise in the Morning if You Can

If you exercise in the morning, you have already set the foundation to have an AMAZING day. Most of the people who work out in the morning, they’re fit and they have the mindset of ‘I wanna eat healthy, I wanna keep this going throughout the day’.

Eat breakfast / Eat before you work out

Kickstarting your metabolism early in the morning is amazing… Eat something small, work out, and then when you’re done working out then you can say ‘Right, I’m ready for breakfast’ after.

… You haven’t eaten since probably 7 o’clock the night before…so you might go seven, eight hours without having any nutrients in your body. So when you workout, you don’t get the benefit of having the energy.

… If you eat a little bit before you workout.. you’re gonna feel 100% different.

Be Patient about Weight Loss

It’ll be six weeks in and there’ll be someone who hasn’t lost any weight… and toward the end of the programme they lose like 30 pounds.

… The first question I’d ask is: How are your fit test results? Can you do more globe jumps?… If they’re saying ‘I’m getting stronger and more fit’ the you know you’re doing right by your body and you might just need to give yourself a little more time.

… There’s a few questions I wanna ask…  – Are you pressing ‘pause’? Are you taking a lot of breaks? Are you going slow and controlled so you’re getting the full range of motion through every exercise? Are you ‘eating clean’ once a day or eating clean five times day, small meals? Are you eating clean right before bed, or eating clean throughout the day? Eating clean too little or eating clean too much?

… If the clothes are fitting different and the inches are coming off, trust me – you’re doing the right thing. Stay on track. And I’m telling you, it’s gonna come. It’s gonna come. When someone comes to me and says ‘I’m losing inches, I’m not losing weight’, the first thing I say is always ‘How do you feel?’

Note: Stephanie Saunders (interviewer & fitness expert) adds:

If this is your first programme of this intensity level, you could be retaining water like a crazy person. Your body’s gonna have a cortisol response to the stress and water’s gonna trap around the muscle to try to protect it. This happens particularly to women. If it’s Week 6 and you don’t see something change, then that’s not the issue. But it could be a little bit of that.

Empower Yourself Through This Workout

The reason why I create these workouts is so you can actually gain self-confidence and be like ‘I can go out and accomplish ANYTHING’… When you complete 60 days of insanity and you think of Day 1 and Day 60, a lot of people feel they can take on the world.

… You are in control of you. You are in control of what you create with your own body.

What do you think of Shaun T’s advice? Do you find other approaches work better for you? As always, I appreciate feedback. Let me know you’re out there.

And if you ARE working out somewhere, whether you’re bench pressing in the gym, running track or simply lifting a beer can to your parched mouth, always remember to rest when you need to.

It hurts so bad.

It hurts so bad.

For now, as Shaun T would say (sweatily) – Peace out.


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