Day 30: How to Age 40 Years Overnight

I went to bed last night as a 30-something year old woman and awoke this morning as a 70 year old crone. This is not through magic or an evil curse. It is through Insanity.

It was inevitable. Not long after completing my first Core Cardio & Balance, I began to experience deep aching, particularly in the lower back and obliques. This is painful proof that ‘Recovery Week’ isn’t as restful as one might hope. My muscles haven’t ached this much since Week 1.

It shows me that even after 4 weeks of rigorous high-impact workouts, my body still has plenty of muscles that need toughening up. It’s humbling to know that even slow, stretching exercises can create such deep muscle ache. I wonder if Shaun T ever wakes up with a sore back? I suspect he goes to bed in his workout gear. Probably counts his abs to fall asleep.

But I still yearn for the Month 1 gang. They were Terminators. This lot don’t whoop or high five or grunt with exertion. They gently perspire and smile politely like grandmothers at a crochet circle. But I guess I fit right in this week, given my exceedingly aged state.

Trying to smile through the pain. I know the feeling.

Jimmy smiles through the pain.

Despite my stiff muscles and stooped posture, I limped through the second session of Core Cardio & Balance and managed to loosen up by the end of the warm-up. I went on to complete the rest of the workout without too much pain. And, as always, completing an Insanity workout feels like an achievement.

In a strange way, I’m pleased that I feel sore because I know I’m being purified and refined by fire. That makes me sound like a precious metal rather than a lump of lard but you know what I mean.

Do you feel younger or older than your years?


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