Day 29: Recovery Week… yeah, right!

Bah, fooled again.

The first part of Core Cardio & Balance consists of a heart-raising warm-up which, pleasingly, includes some new exercises. Shaun T frequently reminds you to take it slow, focus on control and not push yourself (which is a first). Once you get into the main segment and begin jumping and hopping like nobody’s business, you begin to realise that it’s all a lie. He wants you to push, he wants you to sweat and he wants your poor bleeding muscles to bleed some more.


This week definitely marks a change in pace – while the drills may be slower in parts and more controlled than you’re used to, they definitely stretch your muscles to their limit. What you need to remember is that while the drills may seem less energetic, they actually last a minute each with very few water breaks in between. This will be a real test of stamina and endurance.

Two particular exercises require you to hold your shoulders and hip flexors in uncomfortable positions for what seems like an entire Ice Age. At one point, Shaun T goes over to Ariel to help her demonstrate a horrific exercise called Shoulder Burners in Plié. As your shoulders quietly ignite into flames, you can actually feel both Ariel’s pain and your own.

Burn baby burn.

Burn baby burn.

Sadly, there’s still no sign of birdsong or windchimes in Shaun T’s definition of the word ‘recovery’. However there is some awful elevator muzak during the slower drills. It’s also disconcerting to see Tania on Shaun’s right rather than left.  Is she playing mind games with me? And who are all these new people? Hey, guy at the back – what’s up with that ridiculous hairband? You look like you’re trapped in a wind tunnel, or 1982.

That 80's Guy.

That 80’s Guy.

But on the bright side, it’s good to come out of the workout feeling sweaty and tired. Drills are only done once rather than three times which lends a fresh air to the workout. I hope that as the week goes on, I’ll continue to build on what I’ve gained so far. I can see how this week of ‘recovery’ will help strengthen my core, lengthen my stamina and push my flexibility. I’m sure I’ll need it all for next month’s bout of Insanity.

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