Day 27: End of Month 1

As it was my last workout of this first set, I decided that I would give it everything I had (which isn’t very much) and give Shaun T every ounce of sweat in my body (which is a lot). So I went all out.

Sadly, I still can’t complete Level 1 Drills in their entirety. My upper body strength is pretty poor. I know there are going to be even more push-ups next month and my hope is that I’ll practice them so much that I’ll be able to return to Month 1 in the future and finish those Level 1 drills. But this is my current fitness level and it’s something I have to accept with grace and move on.

I feel really good having made such a big push on my last day of Month 1. Now I can put Month 1 aside knowing I finished strong and look ahead to ‘Recovery Week’. My poor battered body needs respite before the commencement of even more insane workouts.

Despite my yo-yo-ing mood lately, there is a part of me that tingles with anticipation of new workouts and harder challenges. I just know it’s going to step up a gear and push my heart rate through the roof. Or at least, the living room ceiling.

I know that this time next week, I’ll feel like a weak, flabby newbie all over again. I know I’ll struggle and flail partway through. I know the next level of warm-up is likely to kill me. But I also know that this is the only way I’m going to see real, meaningful change in my body, my shape and my level of fitness.

This Insanity mountain grows ever taller. But the view at the top’s gonna look beautiful. What does your view look like?



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