Day 26: Winding Down

As I reach the penultimate workout of Month 1, I feel a little flat, a little tired but definitely ready for a change.

Although the Month 1 drills remain tough, I find myself getting bored of repeating them. Perhaps it’s because of my general low mood, or maybe my body’s getting too used to the workouts. Even Cardio Recovery, usually a welcome change of pace for me, felt slow and samey today.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I face my old nemesis: Plyometric Cardio Circuit, and it shall be for the last time! Hurrah! No doubt I’ll miss it when I meet Max Interval Plyo in a few weeks’ time but for now, I’m going to bask in the knowledge that tomorrow is the last PCC for me.

I won’t lie, it’s been a tough slog this week. Like wading through treacle. Uphill. In clogs. Sometimes I wonder why I’m doing all this work, devoting all this time and energy, when I can’t see any visible changes. I guess like most things worth striving for, you’ve just got to have faith and a little more patience. Just look at what happened to Shrek.



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