Day 24: One Down, One More to Go

My, how the rollercoaster of Insanity continues! Not only is it wreaking havoc with my body, it’s wreaking havoc with my emotions.

When faced with the prospect of mandatory movement, I usually bury my head beneath the covers. Today was the return of the dreaded Plyometrics so I took a little longer than usual to get myself out of bed.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as I feared. Despite my low mood and lethargy, Shaun T has a way of just making you push, push, push. Really, he should become a midwife or something. Actually no. Imagine how annoying that would be – trying to push out a 9lb baby and you’ve got Shaun T urging you to dig deeper and open those hip flexors. Shudder.

As you can probably tell, my motivation is proving to be as wobbly as a layer of belly fat this week. No sign of weight loss or inch loss since Week 2 so it’s difficult to keep going when there’s no tangible evidence of all my hard work. All I have to hang onto right now is the fact that I feel fitter than I did four weeks ago. I hope this is enough to carry me through to the end of the week.

The other thing I need to remember is that while I always feel guilty after demolishing a cream cake, I never regret doing an Insanity workout. (Once it’s over.)

Terminator 5: This time, it’s personal.

Terminator 5: This time, it’s personal.

Anyone got motivation tips for me?


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