Day 23: Feeling the Strain/Sprain

Cardio Power & Resistance is an apt title for this workout because my body definitely resisted today.

Hark my previous post’s quote of bravado:

My muscles don’t ache like they used to.

Just to smack my ego back into place, my body decided to give up today. Perhaps I started my workout too early (I literally rolled out of bed and into gym shorts) but I really struggled to get my engine revving.

The warm-up was great but I quickly tired once I got into the main circuit. I felt a twinge in my back and my left knee during power jumps. I think I moved too quickly into the first jump and didn’t prepare my body enough to ease into it. Thankfully, I was able to power through the rest of the workout by taking care to land soft and move slow during the high-impact jumps.

What injuries or difficulties have you run into during Insanity?


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