Day 21 & 22: Entering Week 4

In a bid to outwit Shaun T (that’s T for Terminator), I decided to tackle the lower-impact Cardio Abs before Pure Cardio, thinking I’d warm up nicely and be ready for the main workout. I emerged wheezing like an old mule. Some things never change.

Shanita reflects on the brutality of Pure Cardio.

Shanita reflects on the brutality of Pure Cardio.

Yet as I enter Week 4 of this 9-week challenge, I can’t help but notice how quickly my body’s adapted. In Week 1, I found every workout a struggle. Now, I tackle each one with less fear and more confidence. I’m not yet able to keep up with the Terminators but I can do more reps than I used to. I’m beating the old me.

Amazingly, the warm-ups are almost beginning to feel like warm-ups now rather than pantomimes of death. My muscles don’t ache like they used to. I find myself pushing harder, not because I’m sadistic but because I can. It’s like my lung capacity has expanded and suddenly I’m able to ‘dig deeper’. I’m still sweating, I’m still gasping for breath, but I’m lasting longer.

But looking ahead to some of the horrors delights of Month 2, I see that most of the workouts last up to an hour. Pure Cardio lasts just over 30 minutes and I’m still ready to drop afterwards. I shudder to think of how I’m going to fare when Shaun T ratchets up the pace. Will it feel like I’m back to square one again? Self-motivation is such a precarious thing.

Still, no point worrying about it yet. There’s a week to go before the month ends. More workouts, more pushing and hopefully, more reps to come.

How do you keep yourself going?


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