Day 20: Indulging in the Occasional Treat

Velvety goodness in the shiniest of wrappers.

I’ve been feeling more hungry lately and had my first bowl of ice cream (HäagenDazs Cookies & Cream if you must know) with a soft caramel topping last night, just to really push the calorie boat out. It was a little guilt-inducing, seeing as I’ve been trying hard to eat small healthy snacks in the day with a calorie-controlled evening meal. But I enjoyed every last spoonful. There’s a lot to be said for depriving yourself of treats so that you can savour and appreciate them more deeply on the days you do indulge.

Having purchased a bag of Lindt chocolates before Insanity began – I know, ridiculous lack of planning – I decided to ration myself to one chocolate a night. This equates to roughly 70 calories. Now if you’ve had Lindt chocolate before, you’ll know just how rich, velvety and luxurious they are. So actually, one is plenty. To allow it to slowly melt into the mouth feels like a very indulgent reward for a tough workout. When I actually found myself skipping my chocolate on certain nights, I realised how little I crave it now. It’s become more of an occasional treat than a daily incentive, which is how it should be, right?

Looking at the workout schedule I can see that after today, I only have two more rounds of  Plyometric Cardio Circuit to endure! And I am counting them down because today’s was a beast! (I have a nagging feeling I’ll be begging for its return once Month 2 commences.)

But it’s all working for the greater good. I remember how sluggish and weak I felt pre-Insanity. I was dismayed at the frequency of twinges in my knee on sitting down for long periods and how I couldn’t sit in a certain position for too long before my leg began to ache. I believed it was a sign of getting older. I was in my 30’s but felt like I was in my 50’s. It’s so easy to let your body spiral downwards when everything else in life seems to be heading that way too.

Today, it’s amazing to realise that my knees haven’t twinged at all since I started the workout. Despite the joint-jarring impact of the programme, my knees have actually strengthened (I always take care to land softly and go at a safe pace). I am more energised in general. My life still sucks in places but at least I am regaining control in one tiny corner of it. Most of all, I feel proud of myself for lasting this far, to the point where I’m starting to feel excited about the increased challenge of Month 2. Okay, someone please slap me. I’m starting to lose get hysterical.

Anyway, it’s Friday! Are you going to allow yourself any treats this weekend?


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