Day 19: The Smallest Push-Up Ever

My jeans definitely feel a little loose today – I was conscious of pulling them up throughout the morning. I still don’t feel tremendously different but it’s hard to notice changes when you’re living with little fluctuations every day. I’m still waiting for that magical moment when someone notices that something looks different about me. I might have to get a mohican haircut just so I can at least elicit a raised eyebrow.

My body is still ache-free which is fantastic as it’s discouraging to start a workout with stiff muscles or sore calves. My Insanity Pain Journal is looking nice and spot-free. I’m sure I’ll pay for that in Month 2. (Have I mentioned how scared I feel about Month 2?)

Bow before Zod.

Bow before Zod.

Today’s workout is Cardio Power & Resistance, which features the not-fun-at-all Tricep Ball Push-Up. Now if an exercise requires that many words in its title, it’s frankly not worth doing. Anyway, as you can see from the photo, it involves crouching into a tight ball and performing push-ups while balancing precariously on your toes. Shaun T rests a big iron hand on your back, just in case it’s not insane enough for you. Shaun, why not just strap a small water buffalo to her back and be done with it?

Life tip: if you’re ever stuck having awkward small talk at a party, clear some space and start pumping out the old Tricep Ball Push-Up. It’ll be a great conversation starter. Put your drink down first, though.

What Insanity drills do you find yourself doing in public?


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