Day 18: Listening to My Body

    When your dining table's broken, ask a good friend to help you out.

When your dining table’s broken, ask a good friend to help you out.

Ahhhhhh. Cardio Recovery.

When I look up my workout calendar and see those two magic words, it feels like I’m stepping into a beloved pair of old slippers. This is my favourite workout because there is minimal joint stress, maximal muscle stretch and I can actually keep pace with the T-1000s.

Yesterday, I was feeling bloated, exhausted and sleepy. All seven dwarves rolled into one. Wonderfully, I awoke with no muscle aches so I’m glad I got to stretch them out today and prolong the recovery period.

One thing I’ve learned to take seriously is when my body tries to tell me something isn’t right. So I took it easy with the workout and enjoyed the slower pace. The rest of the evening was about resting my body, mind and spirit. I lounged on the sofa and read some Stephen King. Granted, not the most soothing of reading materials but enjoyable escapism all the same.

How do you rest your body when you’re feeling drained?


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