Day 17: The Best Cure for Constipation

My belly feels bloated at the moment, possibly because I ate a croissant this morning with jam and butter and it seems to have have inflated my stomach with guilt and self-loathing.

As penance, I conducted a brisk 20 minute walk on top of my Insanity workout and I flatly refused to eat my friend’s chocolate cupcakes. (By the way, your friends will love you for being on Insanity because they get to eat everything you refuse while you politely chew the corner of the table for sustenance). A point of encouragement was that I noticed how much fitter I felt when walking. I know I couldn’t have walked that far and felt so comfortable and confident a month ago.

But I honestly don’t feel great. I’m looking forward to a more restful day of Cardio Recovery tomorrow. Bloating can be also be a sign of water retention which is countered, ironically, by drinking more water.

So Day 17 is the muscle-straining combo of Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs. The day where you get to see Shaun T suffer.

Abdominal work is arduous. I can’t encapsulate the feeling into words so just take a moment to look at Tania’s face as she performs the imaginatively-titled ‘Both Legs Leg Raises’ (as opposed to ‘Single Leg Leg Raises’).

All she needed was some extra fibre in her diet.

Now this is a facial expression usually only associated with a person who has:

a) a lit cigarette held against their skin (notice his left hand is out of shot…)


b) severe constipation

Incidentally, if you happen to have severe constipation, Insanity workouts will definitely move your bowels.

And that’s all I have to say about Cardio Abs and Day 17. Thank you.


One thought on “Day 17: The Best Cure for Constipation

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