Day 16: Crossing the Threshold



I awoke with sore calves (muscles not mammals), probably due to the ridiculous amount of Power/Suicide/Globe jumping required in the Fit Test. Then I realised that it was Plyometrics today. Wonderful.

As usual, I started off confident and strong in the first round of warm-up and flaked out toward the third round. By the time we got to the upper body work in Circuit 2, I was on my knees begging for mercy. It truly doesn’t get any easier. The thing that does improve is how many reps you can do each time and how long you can last before needing to pass out/vomit.

But the great news is that I am now into Week 3 of Insanity! I’m a quarter of the way through. It feels like Insanity has been in my life much longer than two weeks but I guess seeing Shaun T and his machines every day breeds familiarity (I’m this close to adding them to my Christmas card list).

Now I can’t guarantee that I’ll finish the programme but I do know that I have crossed an important threshold. You see, Shaun T himself has said:

The first two weeks is when we see the highest percentage of quitting—it’s when the most people stop the program.

So take heart if you’ve just started Insanity. It’s tough, it’s exhausting, but stick with it until Week 3. Carry on until your second Fit Test. Give yourself the chance to test your improvement before you decide whether to give up or go on.

Yes, those two weeks will be demanding of your time and energy, but if you can make it past the second Fit Test, you know you’re in good company – you’re among the group who last the distance.

And for those of you who are interested in reading the full article, here’s the Q&A he did in 2013.


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