Day 15: Fit Test 2/5

It’s time for the Insanity Fit Test, Part 2. Time to see if two weeks of sweat and torture have made a difference to my overall fitness.

The Fit Test exercises are hard to describe but I’ll do my best:

Switch Kicks: Stand up straight and kick each leg out in front, alternating as you go, high as you can. Like an exuberant can-can dancer. Two kicks count as ONE rep.

Power Jacks: Jump up and come down into a squat position. Repeat.

Power Knees: Position arms in front of your chest to form a straight line and interlace the fingers. Stand with feet apart and lift one knee across the body to touch your hands. Lift until your leg falls off, or something like that.

Power Jumps: Leap up high, lifting your knees to your chest as you elevate your body, performing a sort of mid-air squat.

Globe Jumps: Leap up to the right and back down into a squat, fingers touching the floor, much like a demented frog. Hop up and to the back in the same fashion. Hop and to the left. Finally hop forward to your original spot. Each rotation of four hops constitutes ONE globe jump. Gah.

Suicide Jumps: From a standing position, drop down into a push-up (plank) position, hop so that you tuck your legs into your chest, then spring up into a vertical jump. Repeat.

Push-Up Jacks: Just like a regular push-up except you spread your feet apart and bring them back together with each down-and-up.

Low Plank Obliques: Get into plank position but this time with forearms on the floor instead of just hands. Bring alternate knees out to the side, until you resemble an alligator sliding across a muddy field.

Really, you need to watch them and do them yourself to get a feel for how physically demanding it is to do a full minute of each.

A few days ago, I felt like a super-charged version of my former self (that’s the problem with Insanity – after a while, you start to feel invincible), but I found myself nervous about repeating the Fit Test, mostly because I’m tired and emotionally down at the moment.

I deliberately avoided looking at my Day 1 results so that I could go flat out without any external influences. This way, I could compare my results and look for genuine and natural improvements in my fitness level.

Fitness Test Round 2

Yep, it’s just as tough as the first time, if not tougher. Each exercise is a minute long, so it doesn’t matter if I’m physically stronger than before – I’ll only end up doing more repetitions which means more energy exerted and more sweat generated! Watching Chris on the right slowly deteriorate over time into a gasping, skeletal pool of sweat was more alarming than I remembered. Conversely Tania, on the left, seemed to be growing stronger with every exercise. Shaun compares her past and current score and she thrashes it every time.

Shaun T: How many Power Jacks did you get last time, Tania?

Tania: Fifty-one.

Shaun T: And how many did you do this time?

Tania: Sixty-five!

This goes on after every exercise, to the point where all you begin to hear is:

Shaun T: How many Push-Up Jacks did you get last time, Tania?

Tania: Twenty-three.

Shaun T: And how many did you do this time?

Tania: One hundred and eighteen!

I might have slightly exaggerated there.

Anyway, are you wondering how I did? Here we go:

Fit Test Round 2

Fit Test Round 2

I was surprised at how much I’d improved in certain exercises, such as the Power Knees and the Low Plank Obliques. It was disappointing not to match my previous Power Jump and Suicide Jump figures, but my quads (that’s thigh muscles to you and me) were absolutely aching with all the jumping around.

Encouraged by my overall progress in terms of stamina, I took the opportunity to get the measuring tape out and hop on the scales so I could chart as much detail as possible at this 2 week interval.

Even though I haven’t felt a vast physical difference in myself, I’ve safely lost over three pounds in 2 weeks through exercise and calorie control. Amazingly, I’ve managed to trim a whopping 13cms off my body overall!

It’s a welcome boost to my motivation and it will keep me going for another day. I hope these results are an encouragement to any of you who are struggling to keep up the effort.

Change is happening every day you do Insanity, but it will only keep on if you keep on.


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