Day 14: The End-of-Week-2 Pep Talk

The problem with celebrity ideals

I’m halfway through Month 1 and despite the hard work and oceans of sweat generated thus far, I have yet to see a jaw-dropping transformation. I admit, I’m feeling discouraged, tired and drained. Not just through Insanity but you know, life stuff sometimes gets in the way.

I know I must be benefitting in some way, yet I don’t see it. At least, not in the way I hoped I would. And this feeling of discouragement makes me fear for Day 15’s Fitness Test. What if I don’t even match what I got on Day 1?

So here is my pep talk for those who are struggling to find reasons to go on, including myself.

Ladies, remember how you once asked for that Meg Ryan/Jennifer Aniston/Victoria Beckham haircut and you ended up with a dead chipmunk on top of your head? The same principle applies here.

You will not look like Shaun T at the end of 63 days. You will not be able to grate cheese on your abs like Tania can (which I admit would be a handy help in the kitchen).

But why am I being so negative? Because it’s all too easy to come into Insanity with unrealistic expectations. If you’re going to last the distance in this 2 month programme, you’ll need to guard yourself against the deadliest demotivator of all – disappointment.

I’m 2 weeks in and it’s tempting to give into the sore muscles, the tiredness, the lack of instant results and give up. It’s easy to forget it’s only been 14 days. The length of a beach holiday, perhaps. And while I find the lack of transformational results disappointing, I must remind myself that nothing worth having comes easily.

Stay strong but remain realistic.

If you’re striving for perfect proportions, remember to be realistic in what you can achieve in 63 days. With Insanity, it’s imperative to challenge your limitations and ‘dig deeper’. But it’s also important to respect your limitations. If we all went at Shaun T’s pace during the workout, most of us would have aneurysms. Similarly, we can’t demand Shaun T’s physique in the short space of 2 months, let alone 2 weeks.

But you will look and feel amazing at the end of these 2 months. You’ll shred fat and have the fitness level of an overactive hamster. You might even be able to outrun a very sleepy, limping cheetah.

Importantly, you will look and feel more confident and comfortable in yourself than you did 2 months ago. And no one can put a price on that.

Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Press on.

Tomorrow will take care of itself.


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