Days 11 & 12: Ramping It Up

Hmm. I’ve calculated that my 63rd day will fall worryingly close to Christmas Day and I anticipate that this will be an extremely busy period (and let’s not even talk about the tins of chocolate). So I’ve decided to pool together some workouts and skip the odd rest day so that I can bring the end date a little closer.

Now of course, I wouldn’t advise anyone to do what I’m doing. After all, Shaun T has planned it out with strategic precision and his mighty quadriceps of knowledge. Just look at that lovely face – he knows what he’s doing.

“Monday. Took her for a drink on Tuesday. We were making love by Wednesday…”

Obviously this isn’t the ideal way to do things but I’m determined not to skip a workout or allow its glorious end to be scuppered by turkey and tinsel. So ignore the calendar dates on my posts and just follow the Days. I’ll stick as faithfully as I can to the order of the programme. I’m hoping to squeeze a few closer together this month so that I can follow the second month exactly as directed (I have a horrible feeling I’ll really need the rest days in Month 2).

So Day 11 is Cardio Recovery and Day 12 is Cardio Power & Resistance. Because I’m attempting to do over an hour’s worth of workout today, I decided to tackle the more physically demanding CPR first and use Recovery as a cool down. It worked pretty well, considering.

The last time I did CPR was on Day 8 and that was the first time I felt that my stamina was improving. 3 days later, I find myself continuing to grow in ability. Now when I say things like this please don’t envision me as Spider-man, scaling walls with effortless bounds and swinging from doorposts. I mean to say that despite my ongoing need to start slow and take unscheduled rests during some of the drills, I have definitely improved on my previous performance in this particular workout. How so?

Well in CPR, I found myself dripping in sweat. Literally dripping down my forehead, into my eyes and along the tip of my nose. I have never worked so hard. Of course, I’ve been sweating in all my workouts but this time felt a little different. Even though the workout is the same as the last two times I’ve done it, I’ve obviously (subconsciously) pushed myself harder than before.

And, on using Cardio Recovery as an extended cool down today, I found I can reach a little further in the stretching exercises. Back on Day 2, I barely grazed the floor with my fingertips when bending down into a side lunge.

Will that bus EVER arrive?

Will that bus EVER arrive?

Now I can push my hip down deeper and press my fingers almost fully on the floor! Not that this is a useful life skill you understand, but I’m becoming flexible. Someday, I may be able to retrieve the spoon that’s fallen down the back of the washing machine with a simple backward bend of the spine. There’s a troubling image for you on this Halloween day.

Your turn – how flexible are you on a scale of 1 (concrete lamppost) to 10 (Cirque du Soleil)? I think I’m about a 4 or 5 at the moment.


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