Would You Like Your Own Chart of Pain?

Wooo, my sweaty little blog has 20 followers! I want to take time out from my power squats to say how much I appreciate your goodwill towards my endeavour.

Undertaking the Insanity programme, just like striving for any personal goal, can be a lonely uphill battle at times. Knowing that there are people out there who want to come along for the ride spurs me onward and upward.

So thank you kindly. And my abs thank you too. They’re currently hidden under a layer of lipid but they are there, somewhere.

Following on from my previous post, I’m wondering if anyone out there would like an Insanity Pain Journal of their very own? I find it is a wonderful way to keep track of how unfit I am. I’d love to make it available if people think it would motivate them further.

As you can see, the Insanity Pain Journal has multiple uses:

  • It organises your workout schedule – exercises are included so you know exactly what you’re doing each day.
  • There’s a little room underneath so you can jot down useful things like ‘Avoid globe jumps’ or ‘I’m hurt’.
  • It provides a daily reminder of your pain and sacrifice (useful for the purposes of martyrdom).
  • It offers infinite hilarity to your loved ones.

If you think an Insanity Pain Journal would be a useful motivational tool for you, please leave a comment or like this post so I can gauge how much interest there is.

All right, back to the power squats.


2 thoughts on “Would You Like Your Own Chart of Pain?

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