Day 9: Thwarted by a Cat’s Tongue

As I continue into Day 9 of my Insanity journey, I find myself redefining my definition of friendship.

Friend [frend]: A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.

Before Insanity came into my life, I thought friends were people with whom you met up in coffee shops. But then Shaun T and his gang came into my life and I now see what true friendship is. Friends high five each other in place of conversation. They answer probing questions with a whoop. They sweat together and compare abs with one another. “Look at my abs! See how big they’re getting?”

All my actual friends do is eat cake (“Look at my belly! See how big it’s getting?”) and argue the best way to get bolognese stains out of shirts. Anyway, I digress.

Today is a revisit of Pure Cardio. It didn’t go too well my first time round but like yesterday, I can see some improvement in my stamina. I’m not sure if I pushed myself enough in my first attempt on Day 5 or whether I was just pathetically too unfit, but I remember finishing it and feeling like I still had a little more to give and had cheated myself somehow. Today, I definitely feel like I tried much harder. I finished just as sweaty and tired as last time, but somehow feeling like I’d given it more oomph.

Key moment was when I was doing a standing yoga pose on one leg and the Cat came over and licked my shin, causing me to fall over. Sheesh. A cat can knock me over with his tongue. Talk about demotivating.

And finally, to end, an impossibly low side lunge from an impossibly flexible woman called Shanita (is that Ben Stiller in the background?):

Just another day, waiting at the bus stop.

How low can you go, fellow lungers? And have you ever been felled by a cat?


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