Day 8: Result!

If this isn’t cult-like activity, I don’t know what is.

Shameful Confession: Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day but because I have the willpower of a peanut (i.e. none), I indulged in a milky hot chocolate while out shopping. Rest days are dangerous because it makes you want to eat everything in sight, much like a rampaging Cookie Monster. I felt so guilty I came home and snuck in a Cardio Recovery workout. This tells you how much Shaun T inhabits my conscience.

It’s a cult I tell you. A cult.

So today, I awoke feeling less guilty and ready for a new day. I thought I’d begin Week 2 by having a quick body check-in. According to the various blogs and reviews I’ve read, I was hoping to lose some inches/cms but the measurement around my waist remains the same. Not a huge surprise as my regular clothes don’t feel looser. I didn’t bother measuring anywhere else as I don’t want to discourage myself with false expectations. One major thing I’ve learned about myself is that my willpower is pretty temperamental and I need to protect it from unnecessary knocks.

Buuuuut… I weighed myself for the first time since I started Insanity a week ago and have lost 1 kg (2.2lbs)! Woohooooo! So I’m thrilled that I have some tangible proof of progress. Any weight loss (of fat, that is) is a positive result for me and I look forward to more in the future, but I’m only going to weigh myself weekly. If that.

For one, the scales won’t tell me whether it’s my fat or muscle composition that’s changing. That’s why I think a tape measure and a mirror are a more reliable guide. Also, I want to remain undistracted from my main goal, which is to develop core strength, fitness and stamina.

So with a lightness in my (1 kg lighter) step, I set off for a repeat dip into Cardio Power & Resistance this morning. Again, I see evidence of improvement! Although I still need to stop every now and then to rest while the T-1000’s relentlessly march on through a myriad of squats and vertical jumps, I managed to push through for a lot longer than I did the first time round.

Not only that, I even managed to complete the final ‘bonus’ drill which involves a punishing cycle of 8 hop squats and 8 push-ups, alternating at a maniacal pace for 1 minute. I felt particularly smug after this one because for once, I finished strong and felt like I earned my inevitable collapse on the rug. Note to self: after Insanity, throw out rug.

My stamina is definitely getting better. I realise now, having watched my umpteenth close-up of Shaun T’s sweating abdominal pores, that real progress is not measured by whether you can complete a workout in its entirety or keep up with the gang. Progress is about whether you can push yourself further or longer or harder than you did last time.

That’s why I think the idea of a fortnightly fitness test is genius because by measuring how many more reps you can do than last time, you get to see the power you’ve developed in your legs, chest, shoulders, arms and core.

It’s Day 8. Still a long way to go. But so far, it’s a beautiful ride. How’s your journey going?

This is not the Cookie Monster. This is me on a rest day.

This is not the Cookie Monster. This is me on a rest day.


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