Day 6: Plyometric Cardio is a Pain in the Glutes

I do NOT look like this when exercising.

So I finished my first week of Insanity workouts just as I began – with the explosive and exhausting Plyometric Cardio Circuit. I hate this one. Really hate it. With all the sweat-soaked rage I can muster. The Cat watched me from the corner until I started shrieking at the screen. I didn’t even see him leave.

The thing is, I was feeling optimistic as I pushed through the opening stages of warm-out. Perhaps this time I could get all the way through Circuit 2 without stopping. Then I saw sweat begin to glisten on the abs of a T-1000 and we were only at round 2 of warm-ups. It’s always an ominous sign, when one of the super-fit crew is perspiring. You know you’re gonna be in for it.

Circuit 2 is my nemesis. It involves basketball drills (leaping up and down) and the arm-destroying Level 1 Drills which involve push ups, skiing side to side and jumping in and out, all while horizontal on the floor. And of course, it all gets repeated because Shaun T has an obsessive-compulsive thing going on with the number 3.

I still have a slight problem with push-ups – I can push down, I just can’t push back up again. My arm strength is so poor, I don’t think I could even punch my way through a sheet of wet kitchen towel. But in true Shaun T style I gritted my teeth and pushed through, knowing that I’ll only be disappointed in myself if I give up. Just doing that one extra, feeble push up is still one more than this time last year, and my arms can only get stronger if I keep at it.

The great news is that my calves no longer hurt! I don’t cry when I reach for the protein powder on the top shelf of my kitchen. (Yes, I know I should move it down a shelf but my brain no longer functions post-workout). In fact, my body feels much recovered. I’m astonished at how well I feel today, considering how sore and stiff I felt only 2 days ago. Hopefully the aches will decrease as my body becomes accustomed to this level of exercise. Muscle soreness can be a big demotivator when you’re starting out. Insanity is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one.

Tomorrow is a well-earned rest day. A day when I don’t have to ‘dig deeper’ or wear lycra or startle the Cat. The Cat and I look forward to it. The beauty of this programme is knowing that if you work hard for 6 days of the week, you’ll appreciate that day of sloth even more.

And how are you getting on?


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